Run Car with Water

Run Car with Water

Earth is getting hotter and hotter because of the car carbon dioxide emission coming from our consumption of fossil fuels. It is necessary to find an alternative fuel for cars as one of the possible practical solutions to global warming, control environment pollution and cut back monthly fuel expenses. You can also get alternative fuel vehicle tax incentive.

Since the big oil companies have an undeniable influence in world politics, it may be impossible to do something concrete about reducing our carbon emission levels as well as finding good sources of alternative fuel for your car.

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Recently using water along with gasoline in the car got popularity due to a high cost of gasoline. Like any new concept, there are enough controversies to run a car on water. There are several successful cases of using hydrogen gas conversion kit in a car in USA, UK & Australia. The success of these people confirmed that you could run your vehicle with plain tap water. If you use water as alternative fuel for your car, you will increase your car mileage, reduce engine temperature and carbon emission.

What is water for gas technology?

You need to install an inexpensive hydrogen gas conversion kit in your car’s engine that will allow the electricity generated by the batteries to burn water and release the hydrogen component of water.

Hydrogen is a very powerful gas. You can run car with hydrogen gas but it is extremely risky to carry hydrogen gas cylinder with you. When a quart of water is electrolyzed to release the hydrogen and make it turn into a gas that can be used as an alternative fuel. The end product is called HHO or Brown’s Gas. The kit is called hydrogen conversion kit. HHO as an alternative fuel is also clean and safe.

How to run the car with water?

There are several guides are available on how to build HHO gas concert kit using simple water. Some of them are very costly and some of them are cheap. You can also buy readily available hydrogen gas conversion kit or you can assemble one on your own. I do recommend you to follow some affordable and reliable book, which has a good support network. Avoid free resources because you won’t get any help.