How to spend less on gasoline

How to spend less on gasoline

Are High gasoline prices proving to be a huge load on your wallet? There is a lot you can do to spend less on gasoline. You don’t need to cancel your cross country road trip. Just keep a few things in you mind and you are good to go.

1. The best solution is to forget about your car and go for carpooling, bicycling, mass transit or walking. This is healthier both for you and the planet.

2. Avoid speeding and keep your cool while driving. Sudden braking, revving the halted engine and swerving wastes fuel. Using cruise control on highways can help a lot.

3. Make sure you don’t leave your AC on absentmindedly while the windows are open. This literally drains your fuel. Avoid turning on AC in stop and go traffic but using AC when you are driving above 55mph for a long time would be a good idea. Opening windows for fresh air in this case can cause increased air resistance and less fuel efficiency.

4. Keep your car tuned up and its tires pumped up. This would increase your fuel efficiency. Don’t forget an oil change every three months.

5. Avoid over loading your car. Heavy loads a not good even for big cars.

6. Use of regular gasoline instead of premium gasoline can save you startling amounts of money.

7. Make sure your gasoline tank’s cap is not loose. Close it tightly to avoid wastage of fuel.