Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

Smartphone App Integration

Car owners love their smartphones dearly. They can’t afford to just set them aside while they are busy on the road. That’s why it simply makes sense that the latest car technologies allow App integration. Drivers can easily incorporate the Apps most useful to them to their car’s central display screen so even while they are busy roaming around, they will be able to check directions, reserve a set in a cool restaurant, and even see what’s playing in theaters… without lifting a finger.

Bluetooth Audio

If we have not expressed it enough, car owners surely love maximizing their intelligent phone’s use, even while they are behind the wheels. That makes this Bluetooth audio capacity really cool. It lets you play audio files from your phone without the inconvenience of plugging anything or transferring your songs to your car’s player.
Pedestrian Detection

Collisions against pedestrians, cyclists, and other objects that usually get in the way along pedestrian lines are common mishaps. To avoid the injuries that usually occur in highly urbanized areas, there’s the pedestrian detection system. It is a combination of different technologies that would identify objects in the way and in the process, avoid a collision incident.

High Tech Seats

If you want to get optimum comfort while you are on the road, it is no longer impossible. High tech seats are making their way through mainstream. Heated front seats, heated rear seats, power adjustments, and even massage functions – name it, you will easily get it, depending on what car you are eyeing at the moment.